Ten Things I Learnt in 2016


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Wow! 2016 is over, but the amazing year really schooled me… It taught me to always put God first in everything;
that I’m still on a journey of self discovery, that time and patience isn’t just a word in the book, that I didn’t choose the easy road, that I need to live for something bigger than myself and
that prayer is still the master key.
I learnt a whole lot, but amidst all that the year taught me, here are the top ten on the list…..

I didn’t chose the easy road: As a child I wanted to be an Engineer with my really nice helmet and driving one of those really fancy Ford trucks, but that ship sailed a long time ago, though I’m an educated engineer but not a practicing one; I am an Entrepreneur- a creative photographer, filmmaker and a content writer, but believe me, it isn’t an easy path but it is the path I chose.

Keep moving forward: things will fall apart; there will be obstacles, life will knock you off your feet, you will fail, self doubt and depression will set in, you will be broken but don’t give up, keep walking through all of that and more, which the life you want throws at you. Cry if you need to, but then dry your eyes and keep looking and moving forward. To this lesson- let’s do MoCheddah- Survive.

Grow tough skin: People you trust will try to pull you down- some do it because they can’t see anything good coming from your nazareth, some do it out of love of not wanting to see you fail and suffer while others can’t just live with the idea of you being better than them, but never let their negative energy get to you, do not give them permission to stop your shine.  My theme songs for this- Sia”Unstoppable” and Demi Lovato”Skyscraper”

Things can get complicated but you can’t fall apart: there will come a time when everything won’t work the way you want; every aspect of your life will seem as though they are at war with each other to drain you of your last ounce of strength, you have got to pull it together, remind yourself of victories you’ve had; bringing you thus far and trust that this too will pass and that you will come out stronger and better. For this lesson let’s do Danny Gokey- Tell your heart to beat again.

Praise God even when it hurts: it’s really easy to praise God in awesome season, when you have everything going right for you but to praise God at your low point; to really sing his praise from deep within your soul and want to know him more! that’s a whole new level of true worship that everyone has to get to. My theme song will be Hillsong-Even when it hurts.

Life is not all about you: when you understand this you will realise that giving up isn’t part of your option, because then you have a strong reason to want to do better and be better, you will walk in the consciousness that you’re part of something bigger than you and you will realise that the life you lead is probably the inspiration someone out there needs to step into their own potentials. Now this doesn’t mean you have to be text book perfect or carry the weight of the world on your shoulders; you will make mistakes, stumble, but own it and rise. For this lesson, let’s do a double: Michael Jackson- Heal the world, Blake Shelton- Forever Young

Love: love isn’t just what you feel, love is what you promise….. just because I love ‘Love’, let’s do three songs here “Ellie Goulding- How long will I love you, Ed Sheeran- Thinking out loud and Timi Dakolo- The Vow”.

I’m A Creative person: For years now I have shied away from calling myself that because I felt I was not good enough or that I wasn’t ready to betray my engineering background and also the respect for creativity in this part of the world is just growing and not where it should be yet, but this year I have come to accept that my creativity doesn’t have to look perfect and refined, I simply just have to create because it’s part of who I am, it gives me something to be excited about and it’s refreshing. Timi Dakolo- Let it shine just explains this.

You have to put in the work: You have a great idea that is ‘sellable’ but that’s all it is ‘an idea’, until you put in the work to give it life. If idea were valuable without work, I’m guessing a fraction of us will be on the Forbes List of the Richest people in the world; so roll up your sleeves- research your ideas, build a team, hit the road and connect with people who can turn your ideas to profit…In essence live for achieving your ideas, nothing worth having comes easy. My Theme Song-Estelle “Conqueror”

The Little Things Matter: A pretty smile, cooking your favourite recipe for the family, sipping coffee from an unusual mug, helping out a stranger….. that is priceless! Most a times we are so focused on the big win such that we are caught in the pursuit of happiness, but doing this little things helps readjust our perspective to what real happiness should be about. Tim Mcgraw said this better in hi song “Humble and Kind”.

These are lessons 2016 taught me and I pray 2017 comes with enough opportunity to learn, grow and earn.

Babalola Michael Tayo.


The Walk in Your Shoes…


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          Some days ago, I tried on one of my dad’s nice shoes and no matter how hard I try, my feet just won’t go in. I paused for some seconds, and suddenly I caught a glance of my mum’s shoes and something said to me, try it on too; just to satisfy the voice, I stood up and  went to fit my feet in my mum’s shoes, weird right….(you should meet me, I do weird things sometimes) Oh! back to my experiment, my mum’s shoes were far too small for my feet so it didn’t fit too.
          Not that I don’t know their individual shoe sizes or that I have no clear understanding that their shoes won’t fit me, but because at that moment something was prompting me to try on shoes that of course weren’t mine, so I did one better- my brother’s new sneakers was the next victim of my antics.  Guess what, it was a perfect fit or so I thought because my feet slid right in. Happy that I have found  a shoe that wasn’t mine that fits, I leaped to walk and then I realised that two things were involved; I was either leaving the shoes behind or the shoes were leaving me behind…lols
         Defeated about the trauma I just went through….I know you will be wondering; is this that bad to qualify as trauma? Well, at least be nice enough to show some compassion…lols. Though, this may not meet your estimation of a typical traumatic experience, you will agree with me that it is not too nice for someone not to find at least a pair of shoe that fits yet belongs to another in one’s house. So, I sat down to console myself and then it dawned on me the whole reason for this exercise- You nor I can walk in someone else’s shoes, our individual journey to self discovery are exclusively personal, you were not created to walk in someone else’s shadow, you were not created to be the second man.

        “You are created to find you, be you and do you”.

           You are created to find you, be you and do you. You are designed to achieve your own purpose, you are made to fulfill your own destiny. I know this might sound selfish but the truth is you’re created to be your own hero because it is only then you can be a road map for others behind you to step into the light of their own greatness… So, my dear friend, go out and Do you.

Babalola Michael Tayo.

Made of MORE….


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          Do you want to be great or do you want to be good? I ask myself this question all the time. Passion I believe, is love plus desire. You have to be making something, you have to be working towards something, you have to be dreaming about something, you have to believe something…no matter who you are. Regardless of who we are, our driving force should be-Uncovering of Self, every potential and every talent… using it all to change lives and inspire generations. To do this then, one have to be brave enough to be so vulnerable, so truthful and so honest at the appropriate moment and you’re just like; this is everything I am, I am not leaving anything inside.
          We are all on the stage, we are all in the field, you either put it all there or you’re not going to be great…. And that’s something even I, am still learning….
We are all made of more, we just need to believe it and start living it.

“Every day, people settle for less than
they deserve. They are only partially
living or at best living a partial life. Every
human being has the potential for
Bo Bennett.

P:S- this is inspired by my thought in sync with Alicia Keys words.
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The past is the past…


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        Today, I choose to speak to your past and my past. This is not a deliverance session where I ask you to follow me down to the river per se, but then it may also translate to a deliverance session as I shed light into the dark cloud which revisiting and dwelling in the past can cast on our amazing future.
        Brethren(now I sound like a pastor,lol), the past is the past you dont live there anymore- all the wrong choices, the mistakes, the friends you don’t roll with anymore, the job offer that didnt work out, the spouse that left you at the altar…….. All, and what ever may have happened to you in the past my dear, is but the past and that is where all the anguish and the bitterness should remain…The Past.

Once you are opportuned to have a past, it means you have been given another chance to wipe the slate clean, you are graced with opportunity to begin again; not with a scar but with lesson well learnt from where you’ve been. It means after prunning off the distractions of yesterday, you are ready to take on the challenges of today which in turn is preparing you for a glorious future.

            “……. after prunning off the distractions of yesterday, you are ready to take on the challenges of today…..”

       Stop whinning about the past and start smiling about the limitless possibilities of today, because today is filled with so much opportunities that will launch you into that bright rewarding future you envisioned for yourself, today carries an idea that will take you from nothingness to forbes listing…..today is your pathway to greatness, embrace it with the whole of your heart and believe that this show of faith will keep the past where it belongs- The Past…

Babalola Michael Tayo.



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Currently, we are having some renovation work done in the house, Hamis my friend, brother and a plumber has been contracted for the plumbing. He came in on a beautiful morning to start the renovation of the bathroom but he wasn’t alone, he was accompanied by  two big-stern-looking-hammers. He started by removing all the wares we will be changing, like the pipes, water heater, shower etc and since we discussed that the new installation should be conduit and not surface, as soon as he was done removing the old wares, he proceeded to breaking some part of the walls and floors to make room for the new conduit installation and within a twinkle of an eye, our once upon a time nice looking bathroom now looks very messy- broken blocks laying around everywhere, giant holes in the walls and floors and the whole place was dusty……I told him jokingly, you have destroyed our bathroom.
        The truth is for the new installation to look as beautiful as we wanted with new tiles, new shower and water heater etc the old things needed to be pulled down, walls have to be broken, in other words our bathroom needed to look messy and dirty before it can get better.
          This morning as I take a look at our messy bathroom that is gradually coming into its new beauty as work progress, I thought about you and I. I thought about how broken,disoriented,scary,messy and torn our lives can be some times. At times, it get so disorganised, confusing and overwhelming that we feel our only option is to give up and accept it as our fate, but just like the bathroom; I am here to tell you that sometimes our life have to get messy before it can get better.
         You see, in that mess our potentials are being refined into profit, in that brokeness we are being equiped with the courage needed for the greatness we seek, and in that disoriented and scary state lies the creative idea and solution the world is waiting to pay for. My admonition is for you not to give up yet, find your strength in that mess and use it, discover your weakness and work on it in that gutter, dig out your gold and refine it in that ditch and when you are done, rise up and take your place among the GREATS

P.S: For Your plumbing works, either for your new house or renovations, I recommend Hamis not just because he is my friend but he has over two decades of experience, he is trustworthy and business oriented and he has an impressive CV. He also construct and maintain Swimming pool.

Babalola Michael Tayo.



Ever heard the quote ” In other to be the part, you have to first look the part”…I guess not, because I just made that
up few seconds ago, but the authencity of the quote is what I will attempt to proof in the course of this piece; so I beg you not to shoot me just yet.

       Does the name David Jesse ring any bell? Perhaps you have heard the name somewhere, or read about him or you know him personally…ok, if you still can’t figure him out yet, here is another massive clue, he is the David that killed
Goliath, Yes! That David.

       David was a giant-slaying-warrior-king, but he had to look the part before being the part. You see, David’s father (Jesse) took a giant slaying king and tried to mould him into a sheperd boy, but David understood; knowing his purpose was not to be an ordinary sheperd, he therefore decided to look the part of his true purpose by seeking out oppotunities in his current position as a sheperd.

“You see, David’s father (Jesse) took a
giant slaying king and tried to mould him into a sheperd boy”

       He was meant to slay giant but unfortunately there was no giant in the wilderness to slay, so he practiced with Lions and Bears, killing and tearing them apart. When you think about it, what better way can one learn how to
slay a giant human than experimenting with strong predators? I dont know about you, but I will say brother David was looking the part.

      Let’s bring this home, I believe we all have read the story of Olajumoke
Orisaguna, Ty Bello and everything in between. If you haven’t, where have
you been? When I saw the first picture of jumoke-the one she photobombed with Tinie Tempah, she didnt look like a bread seller except for the breadtray
that gave her away. I later found out as the story unfolds that the way she was dressed in Tinie’s picture was all her, no
professional makeover was done and then it struck me- if she had come out
that day looking like a scruffy bread seller she probably would have been chased out of the picture but for her looking the part of a model, everyone
was convinced she is a model and the search for her begins. Currently she is
a model with few models, she is the face of stanbicIBTC, payporte and shirley’s confectionaries and more.

      In essence, what I am trying to say is- whatever your dreams and purpose
are, don’t just stop at believing they are
achievable, you need to take it a step further by looking and acting the part
even when you’re not there yet and with dedication, focus, hardwork, selflessness and time; you will get there.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams….Oprah Winfrey”

Babalola Michael Tayo.