WHO AM I????

It’s a question I always ask myself, not because I am not sure of who I am but because I need to keep me in check. Directing that question at you, I know some of you might probably answer: I am an Accountant, I am a Photographer, etc. Of course I know you are, also that is not the answer I am looking for. The expected answer goes deeper than that; it’s leads to more of questions like: what do you stand for and why are you here.

What do you stand for?
“A man that stands for nothing will most likely fall for anything”…. Are you the type that is known to always compromise at the mention of naira bills, or are you the type that says no when what you actually meant to say was Yes. As an individual, your value system must be upright. Not to allow you worry your head too much, Value systems are set of ideals that guide your behaviour. It gives your life purpose and structure (which I think most of us lack as an individual and ultimately as a nation) to determine what are important to you.
Value system can be divided into four main
subordinate; personal values, spiritual values,
family values and career values but there some
characteristics a person with good value system
must exhibit which I will like to talk about.
Integrity is how trustworthy and honest you
are. People have to know what to expect from
you; that whatever you say will be as said except of course an act of God derail it. You are
expected to act right under any circumstances.
These are people we want in leadership positions in our country.
Loyalty is commitment to a cause or person. Whatever the times are, (good or bad) you have to be someone that can be counted on for necessary support needed. When the going
gets tough, you are there to walk it out and when
its celebration time too, you are there to dig it.
Someone who is responsible will definitely
be dependable and reliable and will readily be
accountable for who he is and what he does. They believe they have a heavenly obligation to
help others and make the world a better place.
Respect is regard for the feelings or rights of
others. When you respect others, you will treat
them with all fairness and courtesy required. You will do to them, what you want done to you.
All these mentioned above leads me to the other part; why are you here?

Why are you here?
No matter what value you and I choose to live by, it is very important we take a look at the big picture. (The big picture being God’s plan for our life) You see for me I don’t think we are just created to have weight and occupy space like matter. I don’t think all we are created for is
being an Accountant or a Photographer but in
addition to whatever our title is, we have a
message from heaven to deliver here. Each and
every one of us is a piece in God’s main agenda.
We all have to find our purpose in that plan and
fulfill it.
You might be wondering what inspired this
article, it was the fact that everywhere I go in this country, nothing seem to be working the way its suppose to. But I feel if we all could be
purpose driven and ask what we can do to make
our country better and not what our country can
do for us, only then will the change we so desire
come upon us.

P.S: Nigeria will be built by Nigerians for
Nigerians, so STAND UP and be counted as someone who has done his part.
Yours truly Nigerian,
Babalola Michael Tayo.


8 thoughts on “WHO AM I????

  1. We have our destiny in our hands…..not 2 compromise always is a defacto…..it sums up our readiness…. we so much clamour nd crave for Dis CHANGE….well!it begins wt ME….need I say “US”


  2. Nyc article . . . .bt i av a ques dat borders me mst of d tym i go tru or read sumtin lyk dix . . . . D ques ix dat
    YES IT’S TRUE THAT EVERY CREATURE IS CREATED FOR A PURPOSE . . . . And every1 av a future,bt y ix it dat 2 accomplish dix purpose ix always hard and dix weaken d person’s strength 2wardx d goal . . .


  3. Nyc article . . . .bt i av a ques dat borders me mst of d tym i go tru or read sumtin lyk dix . . . . D ques ix dat
    YES IT’S TRUE THAT EVERY CREATURE IS CREATED FOR A PURPOSE . . . . And every1 av a future,bt y ix it dat 2 accomplish dix purpose ix always hard and dix weaken d person’s strength 2wardx d goal . . .


    • The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary, you don’t just wake up and become great, there are three stages; preparation, manifestation and then celebration. Check out the story of david and joseph in the bible, they both had to be prepared for their destiny. Always remember your preparation is your CV. Thanks!


  4. I think the proclem lies in the identification of potentials and perhaps lack of vision. Until you understand your capability or the ability within you, you cant launch out. Those things you do well are not just there, they are deposited there for the fulfillment of purpose and until you identify these potentials you cant harness them and if you cant harness it/them and then put it to work;fulfilment of purpose becomes almost impossible.
    Have you ever wondered why people are captivated and awed when you act in a particular way? That act is a pointer to your purpose.
    Therefore, identify your potentials first..you can have ur friends, family and loved ones tell you what they know you do well and happily, afterward look deeply, if what they say is true about you, them activate and maximize these potentials- do them more and in a short while with prayer and direction From God you will gradually fulfill purpose.

    Remember, you have to look deep inside you First, those things inside of you are begging to be released.


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