Letter to Santa Claus…..

Dear Santa,
I guess, you were aware your clone (one of our male teachers) always shows up at our school during our end of the year party when I was little. He usually has on cotton wool beards, rumpled Santa suits and sometimes looking skinny like he needs to see a Santa Claus himself. But he is not all bad because he manages to come with gift packs.
I don’t habitually do this but I need some special gifts this Christmas, so I concluded to ask you. I don’t want you to be scared because I used the word ‘some’; they are just few things, not too much.

IPHONE 5: Santa, currently I use a blackberry curve and it driving me out of my mind. There is this black rolling box that often appears on the screen and when it does you have to wait between three to five minutes before you can do anything with the phone. This normally happens when you urgently need to retrieve information from it. Researching Iphones, I discovered they don’t do that and they are more efficient and reliable. Don’t you think it will be nice to have one in my hamper?

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1: This is strictly for business and if you can get it for me, I solemnly swear to give you 10% of my company’s profit for yesterday and the day before. To explain the term strictly for business; some of our client often request that we make presentation of our works. To do this I traditionally have to take my laptop to meeting venues which is not safe. So I figured if I have a Galaxy Note and I download our recent works on it, then I can take it to all of the meeting. It makes me efficient and mobile.

NIKON D800: Santa, before you start thinking I am on a mission to clear out your account, I’d like to state clearly that I AM NOT but this camera is every Nikon shooters dream; it’s a 36.3 megapixel FX-format HD-SLR camera, has a sensitivity expandable range of 25600 with an EXPEED high performance image processing and advance scene recognition system. In case you are wondering; I wasn’t born an Oliver twist, just lucky to be christened Oliver Tayo.

RANGE ROVER SPORT: when I said all I want was just few things, I meant it. This is the last item on my gift list. It’s an amazing SUV that cost around 100,000 dollars to acquire it latest edition. I would have loved a buggati veyron which cost 2.9million dollars but I know you have some other obligations which is why I opted for this.

I know the question going through your mind now is; how can this guy be so greedy and ask all for himself. I am not egocentric; I just believe this is a subjective conversation which everyone should have with you individually.

P.S: Feel free to submit your own letters to Santa here. Who knows; he is probably reading right now and can decide to let you experience some Santa love.

Yours in Christmas mood
Babalola Michael Tayo


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