He will do it, those expectations will manifest.

           I guess Congratulation is in order. It’s actually a great privilege to witness the end of a particular year, so many started the race of 2013 A.D with us but they are no more, some are present but in an extremely bad state. Therefore, this is an utmost opportunity from God to us and we are so grateful to Him for it.

          Every year comes with its own beautiful expectations, some that we envisage based on the imaginations and ideas God has implanted in us; some from the word of God, others come from our dreams and visions, while some proceed forth from Ministers of God. But an important factor is the fact that ‘something(s)’ had been promised…We received some in the course of the year partially or fully, even that which we never write down or expected, while some are still pending hitherto; and we wonder, is it still possible for it to manifest? Sometimes we even get angry at God, especially when we see others receiving theirs. And as such we become desperate and worried especially because of the limited time. Do you realize that worry is a sin? Because God said we shouldn’t worry about the ‘next minute’, when you do; you disobey God and disobedience translates to sin.

        God is not a liar that he should lie, just like the dew from heaven will not return till the earth is nourished; so it is with the word the Lord said to you and concerning you, it will not return empty. The remaining days is too much for God to wrought wonders in your life, in fact 24 hours is too much…just within seconds He can turn your shame to fame, sorrow to joy, weeping to laughter, ashes to beauty, and your entire life experience to amazing testimony.

        The bible recorded four miracles in Matt 9:18-34; the healed hemorrhage woman, the resurrected ruler’s daughter, the blind that regained sight, and the dumb demoniac that spoke… but all received their miracles because they had faith, the remaining period in 2013 is more than enough for God to settle your case/issue, but your FAITH is needed.

        Ever heard the statement ‘last minute miracle, victory and testimony’? Yea! That is it; the Lord is taking away every last minute loss and sorrow in your life and household. He is giving you victory in all your battles and confrontations and you will have numerous reasons to truly say Victory at last!

       Or is yours a case of lost glory or power? He can restore you. Have you lost your glory due to disobedience, just like Adam and Eve? Have you lost power on the altar of fornication like Samson? Have you been used as a ‘set-up’ for another like Delilah and as such lost track of God? Have you denied Jesus like peter because of fear? You can still be right with God, just trust Him. He will give you life, and abundantly.

      God’s word will not return in void, what He says He will do; that which He has said concerning you and your household will not elude you, but rather it will come to fulfillment inspite of happenings around you and even the limited time, He said it and that settles it.

Listen to the song of assurance from God to you:

Am restoring the years /times you’ve sowed in tears

Restoring the times you’ve sowed in tears

Am healing you……. Healing you

Am blessing you……blessing you

Am touching you……touching you

Am restoring the times you’ve in tears

Restoring the times you’ve sowed in tears

Lift up your hands

Receive from the Lord

O Ye broken spirit

Receive from the Lord

Deposit these words there’s no need to fear

Am restoring the times you’ve sowed in tears

Restoring the times you’ve sowed in tears

         Congratulations again! Your time of celebration and jubilation is now; just put your faith to work. We magnify God for bringing us this far, may He sustain us till and beyond 2014 in Jesus Name.

Happy ending 2013 and happy 2014 in advance.

Loads of love from debbiesarena.

Oyedokun Bolanle



2 thoughts on “HE IS NEVER LATE !!!

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  2. To be sincere oyedokun, u r a bunch of brains, a motivator, u av been endowed with so much potencials nd therefore I say to u “go into the world nd conquer it, make an impact” *winks.


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