The Tenacity of Christiano Ronaldo and the Reward.

          When I first heard the news of Cristaino Ronaldo’s (CR7) transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2008, I was elated that finally Premier League defenders have one less extraordinary player to worry about because his combination with Rooney back then, was a threat to any defense. Anyway, that is a story for another day but I will like to talk about those traits that certify CR7 as the champion and world best footballer that he is.


Don’t get distracted by the competition: After CR7 picked up his first world footballer of the year award in 2008, he was relegated to second fiddle behind Messi and kept in the shadow of him (Messi) for four years back to back. With all the taunting and negative media thrown his way, CR7 remained focus and kept his eye on the ball. Fifa President (Sepp Blater) once insulted CR7 when comparing him to Messi saying ” One spends more time at the hair dresser than the other” but he choose not to be bothered and here he is again as the winner in 2013.


Keep Improving: when you’re good at what you do and the world keeps denying that fact, don’t judge them for their oversight but rather keep working hard to change your status from good to great and then you become undeniable. While in the shadow of Messi, CR7 kept improving his dribbling skills, pass accuracy, shooting skills and his goals tally.


Be prepared: the English man says ‘when preparation meets opportunity, the result is success’. CR7 keep improving and preparing in the four years he was renounced and was hoping his opportunity will show up smiling at him one day. Lo and behold 2013 brought to reality and of course limelight his expectation. Messi was plagued with series of injuries and Ronaldo was locating the back of the net with ease, So much so, that he had 5 hat-tricks in one football season and scored 66 goals in 56 games, thus earning him the World Footballer of the Year in review.


         There is time for everything, a time to work, a time to read, a time to prepare and a time to succeed. In that waiting period, keep working, improving and preparing because that’s your Curriculum vitae when your time finally arrives.




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