Ten Things I Learnt in 2013

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! 2014 reporting for duty sir.

ME: oh great, I have been excitedly waiting to meet you. (2013 please don’t be offended thou you’ve been an amazing year but I think I am ready to move on and experience the New Year). 

Admiration to an astonishing year though, a year of lessons! So what did 2013 teach me?


1. Give room for improvement

 When I made the decision to abandon my physics/electronics certificate for photography, I thought it was a crazy thing to do but as a newbie in photography with my fear of the unknown hanging over my head, I was getting credit for my work and getting paid, even though not much, lol. But I choose not to let that get to my head and apply for an internship to learn more about photography and I am still planning to take up more courses this year.

My theme song for this- Kelly Clarkson “Breakaway”


2. People always leave

 When they don’t understand or can’t comprehend the greatness in you, instead of being patient, they always choose to leave. Let them, though it hurts because if you don’t they might be your hindrance. I think Fergie was right that “Big girls don’t cry” so do Big boys too.


3. There are still great men in Nigeria

 I thought I was going to Elophotos to study just photography but I never knew fate wanted me to meet the best mentor in my almost three decade life. My theme song for this- Celine dion “Because you loved me”


4. God over everything

 This is not a new lesson but it was re-affirmed in 2013 because he did some pretty amazing miracle for me. My theme song for this lessson? Deitrick Haddon “He’s able”


5. Change is a constant thing

     Let it take its course


6. Time

 I keep wondering who came up with the statement “time will tell” because it’s so true. Potentials turn profit, friends turn family, dreams can come true and people that seem to matter so much matter less…My theme song for this lesson? Jordin Sparks “One step at a time”


7. I am not half way there yet

 I realise that I have a lot I am hoping to achieve and despite my taking steps in the right direction, there are still a whole lot of work to be done. Taking from a cue from Nas “If I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be.


8. An excuse is always the easy way out

 I learnt that if something really matters to you, even in the face of challenges, you will find a way but if it does not, you will take the easy way. This applies to client satisfaction, deadlines, relationships and dreams.


9. Never give up

 There are moments I felt I am back against the wall, there are moments I got tired of the whole motivational thought in my head and I am like what the heck??? But then I went back in, tried again and turned it around. My theme song for this ? Make that theme songs

 Miley Cyrus “The Climb” and Mandisa “Overcomer”


10. Never try this at home

 I usually thought it was too over-protective of a film director to tell us never to try this at home until I heard the news of Paul walker’s death. I was really looking forward to seeing him in Fast and Furious Seven. I’ll miss you bloke.


     One very early lesson I have learnt in 2014 is to have fun for myself. So if you see me bathing in the rain, I am not crazy, just having some fun…winks!


P.S: I was inspired to write this article after reading Tosin Bucknor’s top ten. Feel absolutely free to share yours.


Babalola Michael Tayo.


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