Ten Things I learnt in 2013 (Oyedokun Bolanle)

               2013 captured in lessons……WHAT I LEARNT.


Just as Kurt Carr sang it, God’s mercy has indeed kept me; not my faithfulness, righteousness or uprightness. I discovered that my spiritual journey was wobble in 2013 but God just decided to take my hands and walk with me all through the way.

My theme Songs- Kurt Carr: God’s mercy kept me

                                Max Lucado: But for your Grace.


Yea! That somebody looks good or speaks well does not necessarily mean they are nice or ready to help and vice versa. Look speaks little or nothing about a person, that you have well placed family and friends doesn’t mean they will help you attain your altitude; in fact those you look up to for upliftment and fulfillment are in most cases agents of stagnation. Only that person that God had prepared for you will help; irrespective of gender, colour, race, ethnicity, looks and all other factors. Those that didn’t strike me as helper and benefactor helped me, those that seemed ‘mean’ to me were indeed the softest at heart and ever willing to help me progress.

My theme Songs for this lesson – Lemar: If there’s any justice in the world

                                                         Cece Winans: How Great thou Art.


I call this killer. If you are involved in this act, please desist; if you are not, don’t do it and if you are a victim, rely on God for succor. I never knew love shown towards others and seeking the progress of others can actually make you their enemy. You’ll be shocked when you discover that your confidant or supposedly trustworthy friends are actually insincere to you while pretending to be virtuous. I had a terrible experience with some phony people last year, I wanted so much to hate them and draw away from them but God gave me peace and reasons to forgive, let go and continue to live in love with them (it wasn’t easy though).   

My theme song: R. Kelly: Sign of victory


Giving excuses takes one ‘no where’. “I haven’t gotten a job because I have no one to connect me…they chose those they know personally” – typical excuse of a Nigerian graduate, have you said this before or something similar? Why don’t you harness the potentials in you for greater productivity? Why do you have to blame your failures on circumstances, people, things e.t.c. we are meant to learn from our mistakes and that of others, not to dwell on it. I told myself, Mobolanle don’t let it be heard anywhere that you aren’t where you ought to be just because those you relied on failed you, rise up to the task; face your mistakes and failures without trading blames and come out a success.

For this I’ll sing New Direction’s I Can make it! and Mariah Carey’s HERO


I personally belief that you can make or mar yourself with your words, even the holy book attest to this fact by replicating words with wild fire that consumes a bush in no time. I learnt that my word carries power; however I need be mindful of how I use it. Don’t be mute, especially on what your life needs. Speak positively to your life and others; if only you open up and converse constructively. You can turn situation around with the way you commune with people, you can impact people and they can impact you through effective communication.

For this I will sing Cristy Lane’s One Day at a Time.  


I was supposed to perfect my tailoring and driving skills but laxity on my part made both aspiration unfulfilled till this moment. Sometimes last year I needed to sew a particular style but I couldn’t…I guess you know why; am a half baked tailor. I look forward to the time I will be a bespoke tailor, lol. So don’t take things for granted or procrastinate, if you do you will be stagnated and the greatest opportunity might just slip you by. Also, you don’t know it all, there is always room for more learning and skill acquisition- utilize and maximize your potentials and opportunities. Whenever you are tempted to take a rain check on anything, always remember the words of Dido: Life is for Rent.


Don’t be in the company of a mediocre; bad company will make it uneasy for you to mount up. All of my life, I have had some friends (though few) that I loved so much yet some of them don’t really appreciate or believe in me. So I tell you, move with friends that know your worth, friends that value, loves, impacts, encourages and believes in you and the same time criticizes you constructively and wants the best for you at all time. Duration has nothing to do with friendship; it’s the heart and relationship that matters. In like manner, don’t stay put in your local area; move out…you might be on your way to fame or stardom through exposition. Don’t, be outdated.

Let me use this utmost opportunity to appreciate my wonderful friends, my heart bell chimes because of you.Love you LOADS.  

My theme Songs- Bob Marley- One Love

                              Brandy- Right Here


I happen to have a wonderful class, as I teach I learn more. You need to try it; it exposes one the more and gives better understanding as you will be learning different ideologies from your subjects or students. So as you teach, give room for other’s opinion and be apt in listening to theirs.

My theme Song- Nnakude Blessed: Affect my Life, Breathe on me


The part of my life that I had so neglected from adolescent till now is the very one that hurts most now, bringing in diverse challenges. That aspect that you ignore is already beckoning on your family members and when they arise to frustrate you on it, you will be surprised and infact find it difficult to work it out. Take each sphere of life and work on it as it unfolds itself, there is actually no need to rush but don’t ever ignore a part of your life or see it as irrelevant.

My theme Songs for this lesson- Brandy: Have you Ever Love Someone

                                                       Jordin Sparks: One Step at a Time


In line with the ninth lesson, there is a need for one to strike a balance on all areas of one’s life.Your spiritual must not affect your intellectual, social, and other parts of your physical life. Do things proportionately, don’t be praying when you are supposed be reading or working and vice versa. All areas of live are important, make them connect and work together for best result.

My songs for this are: Yolanda Adam- I believe

                                      Jaci Velasquez- YOU


Finally, I am going to leave you with this, obey your heart and intuition when it seems right (yea, because there are times the heart will be wrong, but rarely). I actually missed someone I love dearly because of my naivety and because I ignored my instinct. To that person that makes my heart beat and even skip..lol, for a long period of time, I’ll sing Jane French’s PASSION and James Blunt’s Goodbye My lover.


Much LOVE from me to you

Don’t just read, learn.

Still my Amiable Self- Oyedokun ‘Mobolanle Deborah



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