Inner, inside, internal, interior; all these indicates something that is within, and as God’s vessel; you are a carrier of God who is inside of you.
Beauty- is a combination of qualities giving pleasure to the sight and mind…it’s an excellent specimen of something. For instance, if we say a wall clock is beautiful, then we must have seen some qualities in it like: the dangling bell or its shiny colours that makes us conclude that it is beautiful
Our nature, because of its love for pleasure makes us desire beautiful things and beings. However, inner beauty goes beyond facial or physical appearance, it is not something that can be physically seen like objects or humans, but the things deposited in us: abilities, character/attitude, qualities e.t.c that radiates from within; giving pleasure to the sight that beholds it when displayed. Simply put, inner beauty emanates from within.
According to 1Peter3:4; “let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit which in God’s sight is very precious” . The gentle and quiet spirit is no other than the HOLY SPIRIT, this Spirit indwells an heart that is innerly beautified, and of course it is precious to God much more than the way a man appreciates a woman with good morals and beauty.

The spirit of God in us produces character traits that is found in the nature of Christ i.e. Fruit of the Spirit (Fruit is singular because the Holy Spirit produce one fruit which is broken into many traits and manifested in diverse forms as seen in Gal 5:22-26 in order to help us understand the nature of Christ and exhibit it). A person that exhibits genuine inner beauty does not just bear part of the fruit but all of ‘it’ as it is a by-product of Christ’s control, He will enable us exercise them.

What an Innerly beautified heart does includes the following:
• It sees self as God’s abode (1 Cor 3:16) and therefore will not abuse him/herself.
• It worships God in truth (Jn 4:24), therefore being faithful to God’s work.
• It acts according to God’s dictate and instruction. It’s always calm to receive from God and then act on it, giving room for God to be God in his/her life and not limiting him.
• It is swift to hear but slow to respond (James 1:19), therefore mindful of the words that proceeds from his/her mouth.
• Such heart realizes that he/she is a custodian of God’s treasury and would put every value embedded in him/her to full use.
Benefits of Possessing the Inner Beauty
• You stand before God approved and acceptable
• You are looked after, embraced, loved, and cared for by God.
• Because an innerly beautified heart is righteous, such righteousness according to Ps 72:7-16, 37:11; will be blessed with abundance, peace, dominion, moment of honour and other blessings.
• Finally, such heart is a recipient of eternal life.
Weigh the benefits, don’t just beautify or adorn the external while neglecting the soul, be beautiful inside!


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