NIPHEC 2014 !!!


            Hi family and friends, I just want to share a quick testimony with you all. My first encounter with a camera (actually a Kodak 24 exposure film camera) was out of curiosity; I wanted to know what goes on behind and inside the camera. Guess what, the answers I found did not make sense to me back then but I fail to realise life was trying to call me to destiny.


           After my Bachelor honours, I heeded the call of fate and the answers now make a whole lot of sense. Behind the camera is the best place to be because Life is beautiful from there.


           Do you want to hear how leading photographer answered the call, do you want to ignite your photography passion or have you kindled your passion and you’re wondering where to get the skill required to become a  renowned photographer, then NIPHEC is the place, April29 to May3 is the date and 8am-5pm daily is the time.

           Come one, Come all to NIPHEC 2014 and your life will not remain photographically the same.

          I am Babalola Michael Tayo and I will be attending Niphec, will you?


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