My HOLY Love Letter

Unconditional luv
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On My Bed
At The Breaking
Of 18, June 2014
Hello My Dear Lord,
I woke up this morning and felt your awesomeness in the fresh air, radiant light, blue sky, even in the breathe I take in and in the movement of my body…Your steadfast love over me has never ceased and will never. Lord I am grateful for every new dawn, the Breakthroughs, Upliftments, Blessings, achievements and successes way beyond my imagination, expectation and comprehension.
My love, Your love for me surpasses all odds, despite my unfaithfulness and double dealing with You…I mean the way I run after other lovers (material things, lust and pleasure of/for the world); yet You took me back even after my infidelity, cleansed me, dressed me up and held me close to you, rather than throwing me away.
You surmounted all problems that poses threats or danger to me, and made my life worth living…. Even when am not appreciative of your deeds and I still come with loads of petition rather than thanks, you heeded my cry and again gave me more reasons to smile. Oftentimes, I starve you with my love both in words and deeds, but you are never offended; instead you showed me more love…Thank You Abba Father.
Counting on you makes me feel happy, safe, and protected. Your receptive embrace puts me at rest always. Your wisdom, guidance and guardiance, whenever I stray; run too far or even move ahead of you, leaves me awed at your wonderful deeds and magnificence.
Father, I am certain you woke me up this morning all lovey-dovey, so that I can profess and show my love to you like you have always being doing to me. So….my sweetheart, my very reason for existence and my Darling Lord am using this opportunity to say:
I love You Lord,
I love your smiles that constantly set me free,
Your laughter that wrought miracles for me,
Your Beautiful and Magical eyes always keep watch over me,
The Sound of Your voice that brings Healing,
Your listening Ears that hears my plea,
Your Enduring Mercy and Compassion,
Your gentle touch and leading that helps me retrace my steps from the wrong path,
Your very breath that made me…….and
Your entire Body (Presence), that not only abide with me and bring me warmth and power, but also makes the devil flee..
Thanks also, for Jesus Christ who match-maked
I owe you my being.
Finally my Creator, You complete me and make me complete, without You I am nothing; You mean the world to me and surely I cannot trade You for wealth and riches of this world. Thank You Almighty for loving me passionately and wholly.
Love Always
Your Priceless, ‘Bestest’ and Most ‘Prized’ Creation
‘Mobolanle Oyedokun

N.b. In appreciation, I will sing Destiny Child’s “Lord You’ve been so good” and Mary Mary’s “God has smiled on me”.


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