BRAZIL 2014…..My take on Nigeria’s Super Eagle


We are live at the Maracana stadium for the surprise final of the world cup.

It’s Nigeria against Brazil and there goes the kick -off.

Osaze makes it to the eighteen…And! Annd!! Annnnd!!! Its a gooooooooal!

Looks like the worldcup might be on its way to Africa for the first time….

Tayo! Tayo!!…relax Nigeria is out of the worldcup…….oh ok.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, were we really prepared to win the worldcup? I don’t know about you, but I will say it’s a ‘NO’ with these few points of mine:


We had no contingency: take the game against France for instance; we had it going well for us until France figured out where to hit us hard for the charade to come crashing down. They (France) read the game and knew Onazi needed to be out for them to penetrate out midfield and subsequently our defence. So they had him knocked out by Matuidi (who should have received a red card for the tackle) and when the sub for him came on, he was no threat to France; he was just there to fill the space.


We went with necessary not important: have a peek at this headline…‘The Nigerian super eagle came to the worldcup with Seven attackers and score just Three goals. We could have gone with Four or Five fantastic attackers and use the other two slots for important players but our coach allowed his personal and not professional opinion of some players get in the way of that. As the coach, he is supposed to be father of all, work out a way every player will collaborate with each other to succeed.


We were led by sheep: I like to say this often and believe it to be true; a troop of lions being led by a sheep will never learn to hunt. This implies that, assuming we went to the world cup with the best of players; our technical crew were not so technical. From having no contingency, to misguided selection of players and again the substitution made throughout the tournament were not impactful.


We lacked Zeal: call it laying blame or not, I am laying this one at the feet of Mikel Obi because he was in the middle of the pack and was supposed to inspire the team. In all the games; he was just proudly jogging around the pitch, making wrong passes and tackles, acting like he is the highest paid player in the world and he just bought the world cup franchise. What he refuses to understand was, this is the biggest stage of football where he could have shown what he was made of; there by threatening Chelsea to improve his deal due to interest from other respected clubs and having a starting shirt at the club but I guess he might also fancy playing for Wigan, Middlesbrough or Enyimbafc!

   And lastly, I don’t know who advised Yobo to join the team for this worldcup so he achieved a milestone cap in the green shirt but it’s clear now it was a wrong move considering his own goal overshadows the milestone.

All things said, better preparation and better outcome next time lads.


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