A Portrait Session in the Sky…..

I know you are probably wondering how someone can possibly take a portrait in the sky..lol. Perhaps u even have zillions of questions flooding your mind like; how did he do it? Who is the crazy model that conceded to the idea? Where did he place the model? Which airline agreed to let him do that on their plane? What strings did he pull to get an approval? Was it taken on a plane? How is it even possible to take a portrait in the sky?….and a whole lot of others.

From the questions above, I can in all honesty answer two; yes it was taken on a plane and yes, it is very possible to shoot a portrait in the sky. Of a truth, the word impossible connotes I’m possible.

Recently I was on a flight from Lagos to Enugu and immediately I boarded I asked one of the hostess on the plane, if it was ok to use my camera and she said yes but only when the check seat belt light goes off.

Luckily I had a window sit and the thought of shooting the sky was irresistible, I took few shots and realize that the sky was pretty amazing, but in a short while shooting it alone became boring; then suddenly I had a bright idea-introducing a model into the shots. I scanned the plane for a suitable model and realised that the only model that won’t charge me, and wont be afraid of altitude and flotation; and will as well stick to any pose I want was the WINGS of the plane..lol. Absurd you think. Interesting I would say.

Model: checked, background: checked and lights: checked. I focused my camera and clicked on until I had to restrain myself; that was when I had enough o😜. Writing about it now, I know the lady beside me was probably thinking; who allowed this crazy guy with a camera on the plane. But guess what; I am not crazy. I am just a photographer who sees beauty in unexpected places……


Babalola Michael Omotayo


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