Ten Things I Learnt in 2014….

There are some years that basically change who I am. Such years essentially change how I think, act and feel. 2014 was one of those years for me, even though it was challenging in many ways, I am happy I saw and conquered it…..but I am joyful to be entering 2015, with the opportunity to grow into who I want to be. Below are some lessons I learnt in 2014…..

1. Fun is what you make it:
I promised myself to have fun at the beginning of 2014 but when you are an entrepreneur in an unhealthy environment like ours, all you do is work, work and work. To keep my promise, I told myself, have fun on the job. Therefore, don’t think I have gone cuckoo when you see me do a splint when Pharrell’s Happy Song plays, I’m just having fun.

2. Let go and Let God:
Many times we hold on to things God tells us to let go of, because we think that’s the best we can have or because we can’t see the bigger package he has in store for us, we tend to hang on….the truth is you just have to trust him that He’s got your back.

My theme song for this- Dewayne Woods “Let Go”

3. Love isn’t enough:
The first time you met her, you felt the stars align so perfect in that instant, you get butterflies in your stomach when you say her name; you want every moment with her to last a life time and everything seems perfect when she is around until your first argument, your first fight then you realise love isn’t enough. Relationship is not about both parties loving each other alone, you also have to understand that the two are different entities from different backgrounds and for two to become one, a lot of work has to be done.
My theme song for this- Brandi Carlile “Heart’s content”

4. Be prepared for surprise:
Yes! Even though it’s a surprise, be a boy scout and always be ready.

5. Never let fear stop you:
Never let fear of the unknown stop you from taking calculated risk, never let fear of getting hurt stop you from loving, never let the fear of not finding someone/something better make you settle for less, never let the fear of failing stop you from trying…….in a nut shell, do not give audience to Fear because it is False Expectation Appearing Real. Rather than fearing, take a bold step to the actualization of your dreams. Just take a pledge like Eminem to man up and not be afraid.

6. Intelligent women rock my world:
Shhhhhhh (finger on lips)…..this is a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ part. For this let’s do a double By Alicia keys “Super woman and Girl on fire”

7. We need love not hate:
I ponder on all the terrible things going on in our country and around the world and what I deduce is: we need love. Love makes you see right in every wrong, Love makes you protect not harm, Love makes you respect other peoples beliefs, Love make you treat the next person the same way you want to be treated. In summary Love really makes the world go round. Celine Dion was right, we should talk about Love.

8. People always have an opinion:
This is one lesson you should keep to heart Tayo. People will always have a thing or two to say about you and your life but if only they could walk a mile in your shoes and survive the things you have had to deal with, then they probably earn the right. Do not let people dictate how you should live your life; make your choices and be ready for the consequences, make your mistakes but learn from it and then move on; fall flat on your face but always rise after every fall in order to win. At the end you will discover that it was never between you and them, it’s between you and God. My theme song for this lesson, let’s do- Tuface “if nobody talks about you”

9. You can’t do it alone:
Some ideas are best executed with a team. Thus, sometimes you have to keep your lack of trust in people aside and build a team. With the issue of trust out of the way, you have to make certain that whosoever you are bringing on your team must see where you’re going and have at least similar vision and focus, if he/she can’t see the possibility in your idea, trust me, you don’t need them on your team. My theme song for this lesson? Hezekiah Walker “I need you to survive”

10. Wants and Needs are two different things:
Most guys think what they want is miss sexy-beautiful-parchedjeans-moneyalways-partyfreak-lady but who they really need is smart-intelligent-resourceful-woman who is ready to be there always; while some ladies think they want the handsome-freespending-clubbing-heartbreaking-badboy but all they really need is an hardworking-responsible-caring-goodman. In essence, what we want and what we need are two very different things but getting what we truly need makes us HAPPY.

An additional lesson I learnt towards the end of the year is to celebrate the little wins:
A lot of times we are so hard on ourselves and so focused on the big wins that we forget to celebrate the little win that has brought us thus far. As much as you’re trying not to let those little wins distract you, you also have to give yourself a break and celebrate the distance you have covered…So toast to the champion because you’re getting close.

Feel absolutely free to send us your own ‘lessons you learnt in 2014’……..so we can all share and learn. Have a great 2015

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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