Ten Things I Learnt in 2014 (Oyedokun Bolanle)

I sincerely and joyfully welcome you to 2015, our year of upliftment in all facet. It is my sincere desire that your endeavours this year will translates to lifting. Hmmm…2014, it was a wonderful year for me, it was a combination of sweet-bitter experience, lack and plenty; an eye opener year that ended in praise. However, from these experiences, I was able to draft few but major lessons that am certain you will learn from…come with me inboard to 2014 Lessons.
1. God’s Protection And Provision Is Unrivalled
I enjoyed all round protection from God. Early in the year, the devil really planned terminating my life using different means, but God reigned supreme. I also got unexpected financial release whenever am at a fix, provision was just DIVINE. Although, there might be no remnant but there was just enough.
My theme song for this lesson- Nathaniel Bassey’s: I Have No Other God but You.
2. Challenges And Breakthroughs Are Inseparable Duo
More challenges surfaces at the point or peak of breakthrough and upliftment, dissuading you from progressing; but you’ve got to move on and be more focused inspite of the uneasiness. I did, with God though.
This Lesson propelled to sing the song ‘My Redeemer Lives by Nicole C. Mullen’
3. Being Prepared At All Times Is Sacrosanct
Two major projects would have remained unachieved if I wasn’t prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The first was my long awaited M.sc Viva voce; I got an impromptu call on the ‘D’ day –thank God homosexuality issues still dey my head, lol. The second was my missionary journey; I went for a visit that ended in mission field… ‘Onisago’ mosquitoes sure tattooed my body; but above all, those projects were recorded as success.
Theme Song- Speak To Me by Mary Mary
4. Specific And God-Ordained People Are The Only One That Can Render Help To You
I usually have the impression that I have and know people in position (at least to some extent), therefore they should be able to render help….blatant lie! 2014 taught me that except God leads someone to you to bless or make you better; none other can do it, no matter how close they are to you.
I will sing Eyen Abasi’s Yahweh Yahweh for this.

5. See Life From Other’s Perspective
Leave your world; safe place or comfort zone and see what is going on elsewhere. There is chaos, turbulence, disorderliness, normlessness and anarchy out there. How are you going to leave your place of rest and be a part of the change and solution these problems require? Just imagine how you will cope when you are not under the auspices of your family and friends-would you cope in the world and life you’ve never explored and invested in? For me, I left the fairy-tale view and perspective of life; I saw and felt life realistically. For this lesson, I will go with Lemar- If there’s any Justice in the World.
6. Strive Less And Compound Your Problems
I tell you, your problems and life issues don’t want you to make headway or be liberated, if you don’t strive hard to become SOMEBODY and create a niche for yourself in life, your problems will just hold you bound, and even invite more issues into your life. Struggle, determine to make it and be reckoned with, don’t relent; win your life battles- of course with God, and be more than a Conqueror. And then you will be able to say boldly…I Passed through, I Survived and Am living as a Victor.
Let’s do ‘BREAKAWAY’ Kelly Clarkson
7. Explore New Skills
An addendum of skill is an additional value. Academic qualification isn’t just enough these days, you need something more- something that will distinct you and give you an edge. What else can you do that others will enjoy and will also fetch you some money, exposure or even experience? Look into it, practise and act it more and then soar.
Theme Song: Yolanda Adam’s I BELIEVE I CAN
8. Appreciation Is Key
There is a saying that goes thus, when one appreciates yesterday’s deeds and gestures; such will definitely receive another. I learnt how to appreciate those that surrounds me more. Families and friends that stood by me through thick and thin were the reasons I didn’t do something stupid and wacky. Thank You!!!
In the mood of appreciation, I’ll sing Destiny’s Child’s THANK YOU
9. Treat Yourself Nicely
I had this urge to really spoil myself, but you know how disappointing finance can be now-really incapacitating at times, I tried getting myself some stuffs though. Seriously, when you dress and feed well, you will be confident. Anyway, I intend visiting fun centres this year, get more shoes and clothes and of course feed well in order to add some flesh.

Note- If you are copying my style, budget well ohhhh, and set your priorities right, don’t let FUN and Material things debar you from achieving something tangible/dreams; just strike a balance- succeed and enjoy life.
Omawumi’s MEGBELE and Psquare’s Chop My Money just suits this lesson for me
10. Celebrate Despite All Odds
Don’t get it twisted, celebration here, doesn’t mean the same as having fun above. I meant, issues far above you, your age and experience will surface; however grow a thick skin to it…don’t let it overwhelm you and don’t play smart to God, do not try to take His place, just rejoice, be happy, praise God more because the devil hates to see you rejoicing in problems, and you will see how God will wrought wonders for you and fight your course. Mishaps are here and there, likewise boko haram insurgence, and other issues threatening the nation’s peace-celebrate more and trust God in it. Nigeria this time will record a free and fair election and peace will reign. You doubt it? Believe is everything. For this, I’ll do Faith Evans’ HOPEFUL

Have a beautiful 2015. From all of us at Debbiearena-better self, better nation and best generation yet unborn. Stay glued.
Oyedokun Bolanle Deborah.


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