Giving Up is not an Option……..

{Source: Google Image}

{Source: Google Image}

A rich man was standing in the balcony of his home when he looked down and saw a poor man scavenging his refuse for food, he thought about the sight for a while and thank God he wasn’t poor. The poor man while foraging saw a mad man pass by him completely oblivious of the fact that he was naked, the poor man shook his head and thanked God that though he is poor, he still has his sanity intact. The mad man while strolling down the road naked, saw some undertaker bearing the corpse of an heiress and in his state of absolute insanity, he thanked God that he wasn’t dead.

The illustration above is to remind us that no matter the situation we find ourselves, we should always remember that someone somewhere is having it worse than we are and as such we should never give up and be ungrateful. Oftentimes, the journey to greatness is always accompanied by several difficult situations that tend to hinder our progress; sadly for some, those obstacles always signal the end, they just simply give up.

There are some truths about giving up that I will like to shed light on:

GIVING UP IS AN EASY CHOICE: When I used the word ‘easy’ I meant ‘very easy’ but I think the question you should ask yourself is: Am I created to give up? The true greatness of a man is not determined by his skills, talent, wealth or education but it is determined by what it takes to discourage him.

GIVING UP IS ALWAYS CLOSE TO BREAKTHROUGH: Most often, people give up when they are really close to a breakthrough. Looking at the image above, you would realise that the man had dug a great distance in search of diamonds and just when a thin layer is all that separates him from the diamonds he gave up and walked. I know this image will seem funny or cheesy to most of us, but if you’re truly honest with yourself you will admit that the scenario depicts the real you most times i.e. you can also remember the many times you have walked away because it was too hard to go on. There are two breaks involved at the point of victory: Breakpoint and Breakthrough.

‘You have to stretch your breakpoint to get a breakthrough…’

GIVING UP COST YOU: Contrary to what you may think, giving up takes a lot from you than you ever imagined. Kindly read the story below:

Two mad men were tired of being locked up in an asylum and decided it was time to escape. Unknown to them, there are hundred rivers filled with crocodile and all sort of dangerous water animals surrounding the asylum that they have to cross to get to freedom, which is why no one has ever escape from there. But these two men were determined to escape despite the odds. They set out and crossed the first river with some bites and scratches, crossed the 10th, 30th, 60th, and 97th river. On getting to the 98th river, one of them looked at the other panting heavily and said; I can’t go on anymore, we have to go back because these rivers seem unending.

         From the illustration above, they gave up at the 98th river if only they knew they had just two more rivers to cross to get to freedom they wouldn’t have made that life marring decision of going back 97 rivers and then back to the asylum. When you give up, you’re not just giving up on that present circumstance that is stopping you from moving forward, but you’re giving up on all the time, resources, energy and investment you have expended to get to where you currently are; and then going back to what you used to be or worse. So, why give up? Why not endure and keep moving forward patiently till you get what you’re seeking!

Challenges, obstacles, difficulties, complications etc. are all part of the journey to greatness. They are meant to test if we truly deserve a seat at the table of success and also to take us a level higher when we overcome them. Our creator didn’t promise us a tribulation-free world, but he promised that in those trying times, He will stand by us… have got to believe Him.

I don’t know who I am speaking to, but are you that person that is about giving up on that marriage because it doesn’t feel like a marriage anymore;

Or is your pursuit of happiness already becoming a journey in futility;

Those dreams and aspirations of yours seem to elude you more, no matter how hard you try;

Your life is just one sad episode on the trail of another and you can’t see any light at the end of tunnel;

I need you to picture me going down on my knees begging you and also praying for you not to give up because your miracle is right ahead…Hold on! It is not time to walk away, there is a plan for me and you and that my friend is the TRUTH.

Stay Courageous and Blessed.

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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