A Second Opinion doesn’t Hurt But…

Second Opinion Dmobphotography Debbiesarena

I travelled to Ibadan recently and since I don’t know my way around, I had the description of where I was going sent to my phone. Getting to Ibadan, I also needed to ask people around for confirmation of direction, so I don’t miss my way. I walk up to a nice looking young man and asked how I can get either a bus or bike from Apata market where we were to Iyana ileoyo, he exclaimed exaggeratedly like a typical Yoruba person thereby sending me into panic mode and got me thinking to myself “nice one Tayo, you are so lost”.

After recovering from his exclamation, he told me I had come the wrong way and that I should take a bus to ‘Bere’ and from there I can get a bike to Iyana ileoyo, meanwhile his opinion was in total negation of the direction I had on my phone but I thanked him and proceeded on my journey in a strange land. Still puzzled on how to proceed, a thought struck me; why not ask someone else before concluding, immediately I motioned towards a young lady and asked her for direction to the same place; she stood up and pointed to a service station few meters ahead and said to me “when you get to that fuel station you would get a bike to take you to Iyana ileoyo”. I thanked her and hurried to the fuel station and true to her words I got a bike plying my route and destination. On the bike ride, I kept wondering what that guy was thinking scaring me like that and almost immediately i realized that, pursuing a second opinion doesn’t hurt; it probably saves your time, energy or even your life.

Now to the ‘but’ part i.e. ‘but the choice is ultimately yours to make’………

I could have decided to go with the first guy’s opinion and be lost for real but I chose to seek and follow the second opinion which turns out the right choice. This therefore brings me to this conclusion; in what ways have we sought expert opinion(s) in our daily lives? How many times has your mind or intuition told you or inspired you to ask someone else? Why not seek a second or perhaps alternative opinion, or don’t you think a so called professional opinion can be biased or flawed at times?  I guess we should always keep it in mind that no matter how qualified or experienced the person we seek opinion from are, they are humans, and as such prone to errors; however, seeking a second opinion might just be the breakthrough you need.

Stay Safe,

Babalola Michael Omotayo.


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