Let’s Talk About Money…..

( Image Source: Google Image)

( Image Source: Google Image)

Do you know that squeezing, trampling, writing and folding, doesn’t make money lose its value? Even in some worst case scenario like a tear or mutilation, it can still be corrected with creative taping…and Money still retains its value. You can’t say because a hundred naira note is torn or squeezed, therefore it is a ninety naira note and not a hundred anymore.

Now let’s focus less on money a bit, at what point do you think it is okay for us as humans to lose our value, or perhaps there is a certain situation in which we are permitted to compromise our value. To be honest I don’t think we should ever compromise our true core values for anything and anyone.

On our different journey to our success destination, we all are going to be tried, tested, trampled, molested and ridiculed- the list is endless, but if we remain honest to our values we will get to our purpose with an amazing story to tell.

Oprah Winfrey was raped by a relative when she was just nine years old, she was sexually abused and molested severally as a child and she could have easily use that as an excuse to give up and compromise her values at that point, turning to something less gratifying like prostitution; but she didn’t let her purpose be consumed by the molestation and as well didn’t compromise her values, and her story today inspires generations.

It doesn’t matter how circumstances, situations and people have squeezed or trampled you, just like money; you have to rise up with your value and dignity intact because only then will you shine.

Stay Courageous

Babalola Michael Tayo.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Money…..

    • Everyone is destined to succeed but the chances of that happening is dependent on the choices we make individually. You have the potential to succeed in you but it’s left to you to work that potential into real value……thou it won’t be easy but if you’re determined and focused…..trust me you will succeed. Stay blessed.


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