What’s Your Story ???

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I want you to understand that there are those of us that live to tell the story with a scar, while some others live to tell the story and it is usually an amazing and inspiring one; some others also live to tell their story and are grateful for it and there are those of us who don’t live to tell the story! So I’d like to ask: who will tell your story, how will it be told and what will be told about you? Will it be a great story of triumph or will it be a sad story of defeat, will it be an inspirational story or a story of regret, will it be a series of victories or folklore of how you gave up? If you ask me, I want our stories to be outstanding, inspiring, motivating and great.

In light of talking about stories, indulge me to tell you a story of a man who was born on September 9 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. His father was farmer until he broke his leg and died in 1895. After his father’s death, his mother obtained work at a tomato cannery and he was required to look after and cook for his siblings. By the age of seven he was reportedly good with bread and vegetables and improving with meat. When he was ten, he began to work as farmhand for local farmers and that marks the beginning of series of menial jobs for him such as painting horse carriage and Conductor.

In October 1906, he enlisted for the United States Army but was honorably discharged after completing his service commitment as a teamster. After this he moved around a lot, he engaged in different jobs and got married. He was a blacksmith, fireman, lawyer, labourer, sold life insurance, established a boat company, established another company manufacturing Acetylene lamps and works as a salesman. After this several Jobs, he began his entrepreneurial career with his cooking skills he learnt from his mother by taking care of his siblings. He started running a service station in Kentucky while serving his special recipe in a dining area within. As business grew, he relocated to a restaurant close by in other to make his original recipe with its blend of eleven herbs and spices accessible to more customers. In 1935, at forty five years old, he was dubbed a colonel by the Governor, in recognition of his fabulous cooking skills. In 1940, he created his well known “Original Recipe” and his court and cafe catered mainly to travellers on their way to Florida through the town of Corbin but in the early 1950’s, a new interstate was in the works that would cause a great loss in business, forcing him to retire and sell his restaurant.

However, the Government social security check was small and he wasn’t willing to sit back and wallow in self-pity, he believed there was an opportunity to market his Original Recipe to restaurant owners across the US. In his travel, he was rejected on many occasions, laughed at because of his attire of  starched white shirt and white pants but he persevered and after visits to  more than 1000 different places where he was told ‘NO’, he finally persuaded Pete Harman in South Salt Lake Utah to partner with him. This happened when he was 65 years old.

The story I have been telling you since the second paragraph, if you haven’t figure it out yet is how Colonel Harland David Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which is now global by the way.

I just narrated an amazing and inspiring story of perseverance, dedication, hard work and Ambition of a man I never had the pleasure of meeting but whose story has been passed down through generations and has inspired countless people to be great; which brings me right back to where I started- what stories will be told about you? What strength will the coming generation draw out of your story? Will your story be worth writing or reading?

If you have read thus far and you are convince you don’t have that story worth writing about yet, I will like to remind you that its not too late- you can begin a new chapter of your story right now just by making a choice to do the right thing and if your story has been/is a great one, I want to implore you that it is not time to rest yet, don’t rest on your oars, there is still much more to be done; so take a break, reflect on how far you have come and be humble by the grace given to you to do that much but also start a plan to do more.

We are all chosen generation meant to show Excellence, so buckle up!!

P.S: we will continue next week, don’t miss out.

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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