Don’t Sell Your Story !!!

Don't sell your story debbiesarena

To start this episode, I will like us to take a quick look in the Bible if you don’t mind….

Exodus 3:6…. I am the God of your Father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob……

Do you know that, these phrases “God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob” was actually suppose to be “God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Esau”; but for one singular act that change it all.

Pardon me, I am not trying to rewrite the Bible I just want us to understand how Big brother Esau sold his place in that phrase. Can someone be kind enough to open the book of Genesis 25vs30-31 quickly….Ok! Just kidding I have it and its reads:

“And Esau said to Jacob-please let me have a swallow of that red stuff there, for I am famished but Jacob said- First  sell me your birthright……”

And that was how Esau sold his birth right; his story because of present problem.

I know most of us have probably read this bible verse before now and we have either pitied or made mockery of brother Esau for being such a food freak but I want us to relate this to our individual lives; in what way have we sold our story just to take care of a present difficulty, or are you just on the verge of selling it….

In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wosniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer. Wayne drew the first Apple logo, wrote the three men’s original partnership agreement and wrote the Apple I manual. For his contribution, Wayne received a 10% stake in Apple but relinquished his equity for $800 in less than two weeks on April 12 1976 because he was scared from the previous failure he had experienced with his slot machine company and also thought he was getting too old to be taking risk. Later that year Wayne received $1500 for his agreement to forfeit any claims against Apple. Had Wayne kept his 10% stock till around February 2015 when Apple’s value exceeded $700 billion, he would have been worth approximately a whooping $60 billion.

Even though Wayne says he does not regret selling his stock as he made the best decision with the information he had at the time because he felt that Apple will be successful but there will be significant bump along the road and he couldn’t risk it. Okay, I just relayed Mr. Wayne story not for us to mock him or judge his choice but I want all of us (including myself) to learn from him, that we shouldn’t let our fear(s) or present predicament make our decisions for us, so we don’t because of our present situation mortgage our glorious future. Also, we must be careful about information we base our decisions on so as not to short changing ourselves.

There is a place for each and every one of us in the star but if only we could be patient, persistent and prayerful enough then we wouldn’t cheaply trade our place with somebody else’s……

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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