Your Story Can Change…

Image Source: {Google Image}

Image Source: {Google Image}

I want to use this moment to tell you something really interesting and I need you to believe it..Your story can change- yes! that story that is not encouraging yet can change, because your story is not definite but only you can decide if you want it to change.

Before I proceed I want us to understand that there are basically two forms of change, positive and negative change.  For the sake of this article, emphasis will be on positive change.

Why does my story need to change: You see my friend we are born into a world of labelling and a world full of boxes. People tend to label you according to circumstance or situation you’re going through, they tend to put you in a box- a very tight box of limitations. They tell you stuffs like, no one in your family has ever done it, therefore you can’t do it or this is the way it has been done for generations, you have to do it that way or no other way. Some are even been stigmatized, you hear statements like this- is she not the girl that was raped some weeks ago, now she think she can just move past that and become great, is he not the son of the poor carpenter down the road, why go to school when he can just be like his father…..these are just few, there are a whole lot of these destiny-terminating utterances to go round, but this doesn’t have to be your story, you can make a decision today, right this minute to rewrite your own story by simply making a choice to do so.

How I can change my story: Changing your story requires a serious conviction not to be held bound by any box or limitation, it will require you challenging the status   quo, and it will require you challenging everything you know in order for you to grow. This means you are going to get your hand dirty because you have to break boxes, you have to decide you are not going to do it the way it has always been done so as to get result that has never been gotten, you have to be a pathfinder, a pacesetter and not follow trail that others have set. Changing your story will require you not to be ordinary but add something extra, it will require you not to just stand but be outstanding. To be all these and even better, you need knowledge and Faith.

Knowledge on how to do things differently from the norm. Nevertheless, be reminded that in your quest for this knowledge, you’re probably going to fail severally and this is not a curse, it is because you’re trying out something that has never been done. Therefore it is okay to fail but from every failure learn how to do it well and rise above your failures in order to succeed.

Faith, on the other hand is needed because you are taking a risk by wanting to break out of the shackles holding you down, even though you are not sure of where you will land neither are you sure of what the reception will be like; but you have faith that if you keep at it and trust God to bring you through it, everything will work out great.

Are you ready to change your story……what are you waiting for, step on it already and let your light so SHINE.

P.S: this concludes the ‘Story series’ and I  sure hope you have been inspired reading, I know I have…..see you next  week with something more interesting.

Babalola Michael Tayo


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