EUREKA . . .

Image Source: {Google Image}

Image Source: {Google Image}

What happens or how do you feel when you get something that has been hitherto un-actualizable, or perhaps reach someone that has been unreachable? Happy? Elated? Overwhelmed? Sure! You might even feel a sense of unexplainable joy. Sometimes, in such state, you get a déjàvu feeling; probably because you’ve played the scene over and over again in your dream world, and suddenly you discover that it has become a reality and no longer a dream, you are most likely to express yourself in these manner…Yea! I have found it, I got it, it’s mine etc. exactly! that feeling and expression is the ‘Eureka Reaction and Moment’.

For everything in life a season, therefore in our human lives there is a time of ignorance or naivety and a time of knowledge/discovery. I must say that every aspect of life has its own season of discovery, whether career, business, education or relationship. It is also pertinent to note that for every ‘Eureka Moment’, there is first of all a period of Waiting and Unknown . Although, the period of waiting and unknown can be hopeless, discouraging, and may tarry for long; it is a key and salient period of learning and preparation for discovery moment which will in turn translate to moment of actualization or dream attainment.

These past weeks have been more of an Eureka period for me, because I found something More  and of course it covered up for the period of waiting. For the very sphere of life that am experiencing eureka, all the seemingly ugly experiences fled my memory. Your situation sure isn’t an exemption, if you are not there yet it doesn’t mean you won’t get there, just be calm, put in your best, learn and forge ahead even in desperately hopeless situation/matters or affairs (I know this sounds ridiculous, but have been there and I can assure you that you will attain that height you envisage).

Worthy of note however, is the fact that our life events differ, therefore, the fact that one enjoys or experience discovery in one facet of life doesn’t mean one will necessarily enjoy eureka in all, you could experience discovery moment in more than one sphere of life at the same time if you are fortunate and you may not; it is not a function of hardwork alone, it is timing too. Therefore STAY CALM WHILE IN PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAM i.e. wait with zest till your Eureka moment materialize and the end you will find something positively much more than you bargain for like I did.

EUREKA- I’ve gotten something more.

Oyedokun Bolanle Deborah.


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