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Image Source: {Google Image}

Injustice literarily, is an unfair treatment; a situation in which the rights of a person or group of people are ignored or infringed. The issue of injustice has become a major social problem in our society today, which demands urgent attention and concern.

Today, in Nigeria, all our economic sectors are dominated by corrupt people; and the obvious means to financial gain and wealth amassment is injustice. Our markets are characterized by dishonest scales and measurement, as well as inferior and counterfeit products ranging from drugs, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, to food items. Education now pose threats to students, as the academic environ is filled with dishonest and illicit teachers/ lecturers who put up grades for sale. Imagine a naïve post jamb candidate being lured to bed for admission sake. Prices of both jamb and post jamb forms is skyrocketing daily, with no guaranteed admission..when then can we say education for the poor? Even the religious sector is not exempted, or how do you explain a prominent secular musician being invited to a church crusade? Is that evangelism or sheer greed? Or how do you explain supposedly pious leaders stealing or misappropriating the religious body funds? A slap to their face, I would say.

Most of our leaders are comfortable, well to do, and fortunate; but have little or no concern for the needy or those at the grass root level… they cloth themselves daily like flowers, while some wear rags, they eat sumptuous meals while others go hungry, drive exotic cars when some others are fighting at the bus terminal to get at least ‘a stand’ in the usual lag buses. Even though their      sleep is characterized by unrest, the ‘idle and unconcerned’ rich  still sleep on ivory ornamented beds while some sleep under bridges, ditches and in stalls. We could go ahead, mentioning a whole lot of worst inequality scenarios brought by injustice.

Whoever asks a poor to declare his/her asset?  None! only those who have usurp power and national economic wealth and gain are called to do so.  Why would one refuse to declare ones asset if it’s not ill gotten?  If it comes through honesty and hard work, am certain one wouldn’t be afraid to declare such asset, because such will stand the test of time.

The high and mighty! They pervert justice and get away with it; it is only in Nigeria that a poor person serves jail term on behalf of the rich; only in Nigeria, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Here, theft is handled with utmost concern, while national looting of funds is handled mildly.

When will justice prevail? When will the rich understand that this world was created unequally so that those that have can reach those that don’t, so that everything will blend?  When will we understand that greed, self centeredness, corruption, tribal discrimination, malice, hatred, segregation etc are major cankerworms that destroy lives and association? They inflict undeserved hurt, pain and discomfort.

We must understand that if these problems persist without being properly managed or curbed, the level of peace that is obtainable now will degenerate to chaos and unrest with no growth whatsoever. This is due to the fact that no people thrive in injustice, if it is not dealt with appropriately, there will be no such thing as development; and if we are not developed as a people and society, what then can we boast of, how can we be relevant internationally and otherwise, how can we stay in unity and be at peace within ourselves, and finally, how can we improve or build on the existing level of progress implemented by our fore fathers in the stone age? Can we remain unjust to ourselves and wish peace, success and great accomplishment surface/prevails? No.

However, all the vices mentioned above can’t be, and shouldn’t be blamed on the government or the rich alone, we are all guilty; we mostly place ourselves above others and trade blames, while we refu

se to understand that our lives will be much more better when we live in harmony, love and unity with ourselves.

Injustice and other social vices can stop gradually, when we channel our effort towards it. We can make the world a better place; we can rid our society of corruption, war and immorality that is threatening our very existence.  HOW? From the poor masses, it is simply by changing who we are and our wrong notions i.e. the way we think, stop having a helpless view of yourself. Know that love is so much better than hatred, and that trading blames don’t solve problems, rather it aggravate it; From the rich, influential and powerful- it’s by changing the silent segregation in our heart and realizing that our individual lives is blessed to bless others, learn that together we can all be successful and make the world a better place.

Inherently, we should all learn to live in peace with one another, respect each other’s belief, care for strangers like family; let the light fill our heart so that we can heal the world, protect our neighbors, and lastly learn that every human, white or black are your brothers and sisters; and that we are created for a purpose by one awesome creator- God.

Oyedokun Bolanle Deborah.


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