Tomorrow is . . . .


Tomorrow Is:

The day you become the first woman Neurosurgeon to separate conjoined triplet.

The day you publish your first book as a writer

The day you release that album that sells 200million copies in an hour and it goes platinum around the world

The day your painting sold for 400 million dollars to beat the record of Paul Gauguin

The day you make the Guinness book of records for winning the world footballer award seven times in a row

The day you become the CEO of the multinational  company you started in your backyard

The day you begin to take responsibilities of being a spouse and a parent.

The day that dream of yours comes to life.

The day you fail or succeed if you please

The day you become the future leader you’ve always professed as a child

The day you make history with which you are remembered long after you’re gone

Seriously, tomorrow is your opportunity to be what you want to be, but the question is this- what are you doing today to be that person you envisaged tomorrow? or rather what are you doing today that is leading you away from the tomorrow you envision for yourself? We all are born great but that greatness comes at a price- a self conscious decision and action to want to be great. Truth is, everyone’s future is designed to be great but life and choice determines the turnout either greatness or otherwise.

Tomorrow has great potentials, opportunities and possibilities, tomorrow is a new slate where your story can become history to be remembered for centuries to come; tomorrow could be the beginning of the best days of your life but the hard work and service invested in your today is part of what determines the result tomorrow brings.

Tomorrow is the day your light begins to shine, be prepared for its brightness.

P.S: listening to Asa’s song “No one knows” inspired this article.


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