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Image Source : {Google Image}

Image Source : {Google Image}

I am sure by now, we’ve all read about Linda Ikeji and her multimillion dollar mansion.

This got me thinking, how can one become successful, are there professions that automatically guarantee success? Is being successful subjective, or do we all have a general formula we must follow judiciously to be a success? For me, I think success is personal, and I will explain why it is so with some points….

Find and create your own: Find your own purpose, live your own dream, be true to your own passion, follow your own aspirations, fight your own battle, overcome your own challenges….my admonition is- if you want to succeed at anything, let it be your own. Do not walk in some one else’s purpose, don’t build a career because someone else excelled in it; rather delve into a career because you are sure it’s yours. Having a professional role model isnt a bad idea, but it may become distracting if the field isnt where you will fit-in. For example- Do not start blogging for the sole reason that linda Ikeji has a 600 million dollar mansion from blogging, don’t sing because you want to be like Asa, sing because it is you….FIND YOUR OWN. Nobody remembers the number two.

You have work to do: In the words of Estelle “you’ve got a vision no one else see, a lot of dirty work, roll up your sleeve”. The dirty work connotes readiness to do all you can in truth, honesty, determination, courage and resilience; to get what you want even in the face of criticism, self-doubt, discouragement, belittleness, other challenges and sacrifice.

Your background is not a prerequisite:You don’t need a certain type of pedigree, success is not biased- it doesn’t require your last name or the state you’re from, all it recognises is the sacrifice you are willing to make, the work you’re willing to get done and risk you’re willing to take to become who you intend to be. you don’t have to come from a certain background to be successful.

Talk about your dreams out loud: While we were much younger, there was this tv series tagged ‘Speak Out’. Yea! Speaking out helps when you can envision who and what you intend being. Nevertheless, it isn’t enough to just speak but Speaking Loud and clear to appropriate beings. When you talk about your dreams out loud to the right people, you’re much more motivated to make it a reality, because it’s either you have many people to prove wrong or have people who are willing to help you get it done.

Mohammed Ali once said “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was”

Constantly produce great content: This means if are working at being an award winning writer then, don’t be a one hit wonder. You have to consistently increase your knowledge to produce great content and keep your audience engaged more often to build your following. An example is Asa- from her first album ‘Asa’ to her most recent ‘Bed of Stone’ It is evident that all the songs are work of a creative genius.

Timing is everything: It is often said that when preparation meet opportunity, success is guaranteed but also to be successful you have to understand the importance of timing. In essence, life is about opportunities but don’t sit back and relax waiting for the perfect one to come your way, go out and get it because your competitor isn’t waiting. Don’t let your case be like that of the patient Dog waiting for the fattest bone, because sometimes the smartest Dogs who understands the concept of timing has emptied the plate/ has already walked away with all the fat bones.

With everything said above, don’t you think success is so personal that it should be synonymous with salvation……you know how they say you have to work out your own salvation, so it is with success too; you have to work out your own success. So roll up your sleeves and get to work if you desire success.

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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