How Do You See Yourself….

Image Source: { Google Image }

Image Source: { Google Image }

I sat down and I was wondering why most of us never really attain our full potential, and one of the crucial reason I think is responsible for this  is How we see ourselves; because if you’re not convinced about your embedded potentials, you can’t believe in it to be willing to do whatever it takes to maximize it. A significant number of us have had to conform to the way our friends, families and our society sees us, thereby reducing or totally erasing our chance of fulfilling purpose. The real seeing of ‘who you are’, is a Job reserved exclusively for you- do you see yourself becoming the best Neurosurgeon in the world? Do you see yourself becoming the best filmmaker on the continent, do you see yourself becoming the first female president of Nigeria? How do you see yourself?

In Genesis 13vs15, when God wanted to bless Abram- he said to him, as far as your eyes can see will I give to you and that was how he was named Father of many Nations. Cobham never saw himself as a blind dependent man, he saw himself as one of the greatest music producer in Africa and he is living what he saw. Walt Disney saw the world full of boring kids without cartoon, and that’s how he founded the Walt disney company, Oprah winfrey saw herself as one of the best Talk show host in the world and she did it and became one of the richest black woman in the world.Seeing who you are does not guarantee getting there by the snap of your finger but it is a start. You definitely will go through hurdles and tempting circumstances, your patience and perseverance coefficient will be tested, your hard work and tenacity will be demanded of you on Per second billing but you have to stay the course and keep the faith because you already know where you’re headed.

All you have read above might seem as the normal motivational talk you’ve heard countless time or an inspirational book you spent few thousands to buy but I want you to take one thing from this which is: If you can see it, then you can be it.  You’re a product of how far you can see.

Babalola Michael Tayo


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