Ten Lessons I Learnt in 2015

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This past year was really challenging for me in so many ways, and as it is a custom for me to write about the lessons the previous year has taught me, so with memories of 2015 on playback and a High five from me to you….I am excited to say, Let’s do this.

I NEED HELP: I came face to face with the reality of my responsibility as future father and husband, a son, a brother, cousin, friend, citizen etc and I realised that I need help if I want to be extraordinary at this massive roles. So I intensified my relationship with the only amazing heavenly helper I know and now I am so glad he is on my team. It’s pretty relieving and refreshing to have God in my corner, blushing! And yes, a guy is allowed to blush too. To this lesson- let’s do Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir- My  Help

YOU CAN’T RUSH GOD: You wanna know why? You are not using him, he is using you for his glory, so you have to work according to His timing and dictate. Timing is sacrosanct to God, but it is subject to the assignment and candidate in question. He is never in a hurry, He has plan and a process in place. If He says He will do it, I can certifiably say He will….hey! He is not a man that he should lie.
My theme song for this- Tonex “God has not forgotten”

I GREW: I grew spiritually because I realised I need more of God and less of me, I grew as a writer because I challenged myself even with everything I was going through to write more, I am growing as a photographer because I am taking more courses and seminars, practicing more and doing more research, I am growing as a filmmaker because myself and my partner released a docudrama and moved on to produce a short film…I can’t name it all guys but ‘I grew’…For this lesson, let’s do a splint: Hillsong- I surrender and Giniz- The promise.

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: it’s not just a statement, it’s a phase you have to go through because of what you asked for. Be patient enough to follow God’s lead, Be patient with your fellow human to understand them and their various complexity; but be careful also to understand where to draw the line on your patience with humans because sometimes the patient Dog ends up with no bone. My theme song will be Majek Fashek’s  little patience.

I THINK I AM IN LOVE: Yeah, I know y’all be waiting for this one but I am sorry to disappoint you all but I haven’t figure that one out yet or maybe I am just scared. Theme song – Colbie Caillat “Falling for you”

SOME PEOPLE ARE REALLY GIFTED AND NICE: Don’t doubt that, because it’s so true; you just have to give them something to run to and not something to run from. The Docudrama and short film we did proved that to me, because I worked with an amazingly talented crew who I’m sure if I were to pay their worth, I probably will be owing the bank several millions, So thanks guys and keep being amazing at what you do.
Theme song for this- Martina Mcbride “Blessed”

I NEED TO ROLL UP MY SLEEVES: I think we will be deluding ourselves if we think everything we want will just fall in our laps. You have a dream, you have a goal, you have an ambition- there is a lot of dirty work to be done, so roll up your sleeves and get to it…..I didn’t say that, Estelle did, in her song “Conqueror”.

THERE ALWAYS GOING BE VOICES: there is always going be voices inside your head urging you keep going/ keep trying and also voices trying so hard to pull you back, voices telling you that you will succeed and the other telling you you will fail; voices telling you, you’re not good enough and the other saying you’re great. There is always going to be the voice of truth/good and also voice of False/Bad (conflicting voices) but you have to listen to the Voice of truth because it will always tell you the real story.
What song should I use for this one…ok! I have it- Casting Crown “Voice of truth”.

DON’T LOOK OUTSIDE FOR CHANGE: Change has to start from within you because it is only then you earn the right to demand change from others. This lesson brings to mind Michael Jackson’s- Man in the Mirror.

I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MY BUSINESS STUDY CLASS MORE SERIOUSLY: As a kid, I so much had the perfect picture of who I wanted to be- an Engineer, own a black huge truck and have my blue helmet on the dashboard, knowing this, I ignorantly never paid attention in business classes because I find them so boring. I grew up and became a photographer/film-maker/writer and now I have to learn everyday how to make profit off my passions.

DO IT ‘AFRAID’: At the beginning of most achievement in my life, I was always afraid but I did it anyway- I mean I was afraid to go to a state I know nothing about for college but I graduated an Engineer, I was scared of writing because I wasn’t sure if I was good enough but with over 40 articles and few poems to my name I think I have it.  This past year, I was afraid to start a company with my partner because I wasn’t sure if we could do it but with two short films and a docudrama, I’d say we are on the right track. You know what they say- if your dream doesn’t scare you…..so all I’m saying is that I learnt that it is ok to be scared/afraid because you’re not sure what is on the other side but do not let your fear stop you from taking action. I go in scared but I come out blazing hot on the other side. I think Eminem’s ‘I’m not afraid’ has this one…Oh on second thought Let’s add one more song: Martina Mcbride- Do it anyway.

So sipping the last drop of coffee from my unusual coffee mug and my stomach rumbling for some breakfast, I think that’s about it for this year, but I could bet you didn’t notice 6it was eleven lessons instead of ten….Have a divinely glorious year and please be open to learning and growing this year…..
Let Your light so shine before men…
Babalola Michael Tayo.


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