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        Jeez! How can this be happening to me? Do I even stand a chance again without breast? I really am not certain Gideon will go ahead with me again, I saw this busty lady with him the other day and with his eyes and gestures I saw him appraising her with all pleasure…..if Gideon that already understands my body type goes with this lady, who will marry me without breast?
       Surprised! Yea. I am certain you will be. But, am I actually referring to the physical breast in our human anatomy? No!… Now the question which I believe should be begging for answer in your mind right is this, what does ‘Without Breast’ connote in this context?
For the purpose of this write-up, I choose to see ‘without breast’ as inadequacies or disabilities in our individual lives; while ‘marry me’ translate to connectivity- relationship with people generally. We all know that, no matter how massive our strengths are, we sure do have our weaknesses.
From the introductory analogy, the same way a bustless lady might be worried or confused about her partner’s displeasure/negative opinion about her physical inadequate features, so we worry too about our inadequate life issues. Sometimes, we wonder if we are ever gonna be accepted just the way we are by others. I remember that song ‘Come As You are’. Why bother about your inabilities and weaknesses? Don’t you think the very person you avoid or run away from, could be the very one your life needs or vice-versa? Have the impression that life will be boring without you, understand that you are rare. Infact, there can’t be any other You aside YOU no matter the semblance. You should ponder about that.
         Why do we see our fears and worries alone? Most times, in our human lives, we tend to see our ‘without breast’ much more than our ‘overall being’ (other things or areas that makes us worthy and valuable-our strengths); and by so doing, we lose sight of who we really are, and then we begin to have low self esteem.
          Beloved! You need not withdraw from others, you need relationships, you need people, you need YOU most especially…but if you don’t see your ‘overall Being’ by overlooking or perhaps working on your ‘without breast’; you will eventually focus more on your detriment, which can in turn, cause you a stunted growth in the journey of life.
         In actual sense, the very person you’re bothered about might not even be perturbed about your concerns or what you see as inadequacies….so, free yourself, crawl, walk, run and soar when you need do and be proud to say “I will be married without breast”…lol!
         As this week gradually comes to an end, and as we prepare to commence another by God’s grace, purpose in your mind not to focus on your weaknesses but rather your strengths; present yourself as the best of your kind, value YOU, and see what the outcome will be.
‘Mobolanle Loves you big and Cares!


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