I Could Say I Love You…


Image Created by Tayo Babalola

I could say I love you, if only I am certain you love me the way I love you.

I could go back in time and write you a breath taking love letter, if only I can find the right words to unravel your mystery.

I could send you truck load of red roses, if only I am convinced your preference are not white.

I could dance in the rain with you, if only I am sure I won’t be the only one getting wet.

I could walk a thousand miles to get to where you are, if only I know you love me enough to meet me half way.

I could sing you the best love song ever written, if only it will melt down those walls guarding your heart.

I could make a covenant of forever with you, if only I am confident you will be my place called happy.

I could hold your smile in my heart for always, if only they were mine to keep.

I could love you till the end of time, if only you are willing to share that undying bond with me.

I could make you my one and only, if only you promise to make my imperfections look good on me.

I could spend eternity in your arms, if only you show me it’s the safest place in the world.

I could surrender my heart to you, if only you will take me to yours.

I could play the part of your first true love, if only you would grant me permission to act that role.

I could be your knight in shining armour, if only you let me see beneath your beautiful.

I could be your hero, if only you would open your heart, let me in and make everyone believe we have wings. 

I could let you hear my heart, if only you would allow yours be calm and listen to the unspoken words of a soul made for you.

I could linger in a kiss with you, if only the warm desire of our lips is mutual.

I could pray for you to be the one, if only I realise my prayer  will be answered.

I could conclude that my life had found its missing piece, if you would assure me that what we have is timeless.

I could cherish the day our path crossed forever, if you pledge not to doubt the way I feel about you in my heart.

I could tell you every single beat of my heart is yours to keep, if you vow to be my one of a kind woman.

I could stare at your beauty through the lid of my coffee mug, if only you will be sitting next to me in our home forever.

I could say I love you, if only I am certain you love me the way I love you.

Happy Valentine to the young and the old, to the poor and the rich and to the weary and the strong..

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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