Ever heard the quote ” In other to be the part, you have to first look the part”…I guess not, because I just made that
up few seconds ago, but the authencity of the quote is what I will attempt to proof in the course of this piece; so I beg you not to shoot me just yet.

       Does the name David Jesse ring any bell? Perhaps you have heard the name somewhere, or read about him or you know him personally…ok, if you still can’t figure him out yet, here is another massive clue, he is the David that killed
Goliath, Yes! That David.

       David was a giant-slaying-warrior-king, but he had to look the part before being the part. You see, David’s father (Jesse) took a giant slaying king and tried to mould him into a sheperd boy, but David understood; knowing his purpose was not to be an ordinary sheperd, he therefore decided to look the part of his true purpose by seeking out oppotunities in his current position as a sheperd.

“You see, David’s father (Jesse) took a
giant slaying king and tried to mould him into a sheperd boy”

       He was meant to slay giant but unfortunately there was no giant in the wilderness to slay, so he practiced with Lions and Bears, killing and tearing them apart. When you think about it, what better way can one learn how to
slay a giant human than experimenting with strong predators? I dont know about you, but I will say brother David was looking the part.

      Let’s bring this home, I believe we all have read the story of Olajumoke
Orisaguna, Ty Bello and everything in between. If you haven’t, where have
you been? When I saw the first picture of jumoke-the one she photobombed with Tinie Tempah, she didnt look like a bread seller except for the breadtray
that gave her away. I later found out as the story unfolds that the way she was dressed in Tinie’s picture was all her, no
professional makeover was done and then it struck me- if she had come out
that day looking like a scruffy bread seller she probably would have been chased out of the picture but for her looking the part of a model, everyone
was convinced she is a model and the search for her begins. Currently she is
a model with few models, she is the face of stanbicIBTC, payporte and shirley’s confectionaries and more.

      In essence, what I am trying to say is- whatever your dreams and purpose
are, don’t just stop at believing they are
achievable, you need to take it a step further by looking and acting the part
even when you’re not there yet and with dedication, focus, hardwork, selflessness and time; you will get there.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams….Oprah Winfrey”

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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