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Currently, we are having some renovation work done in the house, Hamis my friend, brother and a plumber has been contracted for the plumbing. He came in on a beautiful morning to start the renovation of the bathroom but he wasn’t alone, he was accompanied by  two big-stern-looking-hammers. He started by removing all the wares we will be changing, like the pipes, water heater, shower etc and since we discussed that the new installation should be conduit and not surface, as soon as he was done removing the old wares, he proceeded to breaking some part of the walls and floors to make room for the new conduit installation and within a twinkle of an eye, our once upon a time nice looking bathroom now looks very messy- broken blocks laying around everywhere, giant holes in the walls and floors and the whole place was dusty……I told him jokingly, you have destroyed our bathroom.
        The truth is for the new installation to look as beautiful as we wanted with new tiles, new shower and water heater etc the old things needed to be pulled down, walls have to be broken, in other words our bathroom needed to look messy and dirty before it can get better.
          This morning as I take a look at our messy bathroom that is gradually coming into its new beauty as work progress, I thought about you and I. I thought about how broken,disoriented,scary,messy and torn our lives can be some times. At times, it get so disorganised, confusing and overwhelming that we feel our only option is to give up and accept it as our fate, but just like the bathroom; I am here to tell you that sometimes our life have to get messy before it can get better.
         You see, in that mess our potentials are being refined into profit, in that brokeness we are being equiped with the courage needed for the greatness we seek, and in that disoriented and scary state lies the creative idea and solution the world is waiting to pay for. My admonition is for you not to give up yet, find your strength in that mess and use it, discover your weakness and work on it in that gutter, dig out your gold and refine it in that ditch and when you are done, rise up and take your place among the GREATS

P.S: For Your plumbing works, either for your new house or renovations, I recommend Hamis not just because he is my friend but he has over two decades of experience, he is trustworthy and business oriented and he has an impressive CV. He also construct and maintain Swimming pool.

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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