The past is the past…


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        Today, I choose to speak to your past and my past. This is not a deliverance session where I ask you to follow me down to the river per se, but then it may also translate to a deliverance session as I shed light into the dark cloud which revisiting and dwelling in the past can cast on our amazing future.
        Brethren(now I sound like a pastor,lol), the past is the past you dont live there anymore- all the wrong choices, the mistakes, the friends you don’t roll with anymore, the job offer that didnt work out, the spouse that left you at the altar…….. All, and what ever may have happened to you in the past my dear, is but the past and that is where all the anguish and the bitterness should remain…The Past.

Once you are opportuned to have a past, it means you have been given another chance to wipe the slate clean, you are graced with opportunity to begin again; not with a scar but with lesson well learnt from where you’ve been. It means after prunning off the distractions of yesterday, you are ready to take on the challenges of today which in turn is preparing you for a glorious future.

            “……. after prunning off the distractions of yesterday, you are ready to take on the challenges of today…..”

       Stop whinning about the past and start smiling about the limitless possibilities of today, because today is filled with so much opportunities that will launch you into that bright rewarding future you envisioned for yourself, today carries an idea that will take you from nothingness to forbes listing… is your pathway to greatness, embrace it with the whole of your heart and believe that this show of faith will keep the past where it belongs- The Past…

Babalola Michael Tayo.


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